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I’m sure you all have noticed the term “wardrobe capsules” being thrown around in social media lately. It’s a movement that is quickly gaining momentum. For the uninitiated, it’s basically paring down your wardrobe to a small limited number of versatile items and working with that for a whole season (meaning not shopping). I was skeptical at first. You all know where I stand when it comes to the state of my wardrobe. But I thought I’d give it a try and now…I’m a wardrobe capsule convert.

One post I read advised that you have to begin by taking EVERYTHING out of your closet and then only put back in what you love. So that’s where I started.

photo 1

After going through every piece, only one-third of what was in the closet made it back in. I moved some winter coats to the closet in the kids’ room and everything else got put in boxes for Goodwill. Now I had a closet that was two-thirds empty.

Next, I attacked my dresser drawers. Same thing as with the closet, everything got pulled out and was carefully scrutinized. All shirts I wanted to keep got hung up in the closet. I fit all my undergarments, pajamas, and work out clothes in one drawer and pants and shorts in another, freeing up a whole drawer for my husband to use. Now this is what my closet looks like.

 photo 2

I thought that after getting rid of all the stuff I didn’t love, I’d have to go shopping to actually build my capsule. But in the clearing out process, I happily discovered clothes I forgot I’d had, crammed in the back of the closet, buried in the bottom of my drawers. So it was kind of like going shopping in my own closet. Now all the clothes I would actually wear are all out in plain view, which makes getting dressed in the mornings so much easier and faster.

Finally…a fashion trend that has actually made my life easier and that didn’t even cost me a cent. Wish all fashion trends were like that.


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This week’s Project Simplify assignment was closets and drawers. I decided to attack three spots in our apartment that were definitely in need of some reorganization. I’m actually rather proud of my accomplishments this week. When you live in a small apartment, there’s nothing like the joy of being able to maximize your storage space or discovering secret storage areas you didn’t see before. Here are my before and after pictures – Enjoy!

Under the Sink Bathroom Cabinet



Cool slide-out shelves for toiletries

Hallway Closet



Coat rack had way too many jackets on it (mostly mine) and bench was a place where I piled stuff.

This is our hallway shelf. Notice all the unused storage space on top.


Bench has been cleared and coats not currently being worn are hung up in the closet. We are each designated two hooks, with the last two for umbrellas and guests.

Now all the scarves and hats are in a basket and boxes put up in the secret storage space high up.

Oh…and I also did a major shoe purge. How many pairs of black and brown shoes do I really need anyways?

Linen Closet


I’d have to open this closet slowly or else the vacuum cleaner and/or ironing board would fall on me.

I hid the ironing board under the couch since I haven’t ironed in years. This made room for Larry’s guitar in the closet, which is usually just propped up somewhere in the living room.

Whew! Wish I could be this productive every week.

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