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Whoa, it’s March? How did that happen? It can’t be possible that we’re already three months into the new year! Back in January I designated March as a time that I would check in with how my flight plan for this new year is coming along. (By the way, thanks to all of you who commented on that post with encouraging words!  It makes me realize that I’m not flying solo!) Anyways, as a way to keep myself accountable, I’ll share with you all how I’m doing so far.

Speak more kindly to my family

This one’s still a work in progress, but I must say that being more conscious of how I speak to my husband and children has made a marked difference in the atmosphere in our home. There has definitely been less yelling on my part. It has also engendered some good conversations between CC and me about how we should speak to one another. Sometimes he’ll remind me to say please or tell me he doesn’t like my tone (oh these kids!). The shouting matches of old have now become more like spirited debates, so that’s a good thing.

Learn how to study the word

So far I’ve been pretty consistent with my two Life-study messages a week. I’ve designated Tuesday and Thursday afternoons when Turner’s napping as my “study time.” I actually really look forward to that one quiet hour when I can sit down with a cup of tea and my Bible. I’ve definitely felt more spiritually supplied this year as a result of these weekly tea times with God.


Make plans to travel

Larry and I had big plans to go to Europe in May, but after talking it over we’ve decided that trip might have to wait until the summer of next year. So I’ll be putting that in my flight plan for 2016. That doesn’t mean we won’t be doing any traveling this year though. In a few weeks our family will be embarking on a grand road trip to Phoenix, AZ with a whole bunch of college students. And this summer my in-laws are spoiling the boys (and us) with a Disney cruise to Alaska! We’ll leave from Vancouver, so the new passports we got for the boys for our Europe trip will come in handy after all.

Start a regular neighborhood children’s meeting in our home

This one has been the most challenging item for me this year, but also the one I feel like God has blessed the most so far. I started a time with my boys once a week on Wednesday afternoons. We sing some songs, I’ll tell a short Bible story or character lesson, and then a simple craft. A friend o f mine started coming with her toddler son, and even though he was a little young to understand everything, it was nice to have more people come. CC started asking me why more kids didn’t come and so I started to pray with him at night about it. We’d pray for the Lord to bring his friends (and for his mom to have the boldness to invite them). After a couple months of it just being the three boys, I started to get a little discouraged, but a sister who had already established a meeting like this in her home just encouraged me to keep going. Two weeks ago I happened to bump into the mom of one of CC’s classmates when I went to pick him up at school and she and her son and baby daughter ended up all coming over to our place for an impromptu play date. We talked over tea and I told her about this weekly time I have with the kids and asked if her son would like to come and she said yes! So for the last two weeks I’ve been picking CC and his friend up at school and bringing them back here to have our children’s meeting. I still need a lot of help in learning how to get rowdy boys to sing and listen, but at least they all seem to enjoy the time. My faith was strengthened when I prayed with my son last night and he said, “Thank you Lord for answering our prayer and bringing Jakob to children’s meeting!”


photo 2

Speak the gospel to at least one person

This hasn’t quite happened yet…but I’m learning to just speak to people. The other day I struck up a conversation with a woman behind me in line at the grocery store, who also happened to be a stay-at-home mom. I ended up giving her a ride home because she didn’t have a car and we found out we had a lot in common. Anyways, I’m learning to step out of my shell and open my mouth more. Although I haven’t spoken the gospel ‘per se’ to anyone yet, I feel like there has definitely been opportunities when I’ve been able to speak my enjoyment of the Lord to others. The year is far from over, so I’ll still be praying for this.

How’s your flight plan for this year going so far?


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This morning as I was taking CC and his friend Emma to school, I overheard the cutest conversation between them. It had me smiling all day. It went something like this:

(They were playing some game about who’s the biggest)

CC: God’s the biggest, so He wins.
E: Who’s God?
CC: God’s invisible.
E: What’s invisible?
CC: Invisible means you can’t see Him. Right, mommy?
Me: That’s right.
CC: God created the world. That’s why we’re in His heart.
E: Oh, I like His heart!
CC: I like my monkey!

The conversation then turned to another topic, I forget what. But this little conversation I was privileged to overhear reminded me of something I was impressed with after attending a conference last month on the subject of raising our next generation for the church life, which is that we should have the view that our children can be seeds of the gospel. That doesn’t mean that I expect my 4 year old to go around preaching the gospel and leading his friends to salvation (especially since he himself isn’t even saved yet), but it does mean that he’s not too young to tell his friends about what he knows about God, that He created the world and that we are in His heart. If our children have this habit of speaking and caring for their friends at a young age, surely they will become ones who have no shame in sharing the gospel once they do become regenerated. I was also touched to have my heart broadened; not just to care that my own children would know God, but that their friends would also come to know God as their Creator and eventually their Savior. So many times as Christian parents, we’re concerned that the world will have a negative influence on our children, which is a very valid concern. But I’m encouraged to take an offensive stance instead of a defensive one; that my view in raising my boys would be not only that they would be preserved, but that they could have a positive influence on those around them. I already feel like CC has a positive influence on me. I hope I’ll be as ready and unashamed when the opportunity arises for me to tell someone about the God I know. And hopefully I’ll have a little more to say than that He’s invisible and that we’re in His heart.

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My Jerusalem

But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and unto the uttermost part of the earth. (Acts 1:8)

As believers, we have all been commissioned by the Lord to be His witnesses, those who would bear a living testimony of the resurrected and ascended Christ wherever we go. His charge to the disciples in Acts was to firstly be a witness in Jerusalem where they lived, and then eventually to the uttermost part of the earth. His charge to us today is the same. We may want to be those who go to “Judea,” “Samaria,” or even to “the uttermost part of the earth,” and the Lord may well send us to such places, but it all still starts with us being a witness where we are, in our “Jerusalem.”

Recently I think the Lord has been showing me practically where my “Jerusalem” is – it’s in my neighborhood, at the library, the park, the YMCA. By nature, I’m not a particularly social person and it’s not so easy for me to strike up conversations with strangers, let alone preach the gospel to them. (I usually leave that up to my gregarious husband, who can talk to anyone about anything.) But since having CC, that hasn’t been so much the case anymore. He has done wonders for my social skills. For some reason it’s so normal and easy to talk to people when you have an adorable little toddler in tow, especially if those people also have their own adorable little toddler.

CC and I have a pretty regular schedule when it comes to the places we frequent. As we would make our weekly trips to the library, the park, and now the Y, I started to notice that I would run into the same parents. The first couple of times we would just exchange smiles of recognition, then that led to exchanging pleasantries and questions about each other’s kids, and now I’m finally getting to the point where I know their names, where they live, etc. It’s so exciting that CC and I are making friends, and it is my hope and prayer that some of these will become our gospel friends. Even though it’s getting easier for me to talk to people now, I still need to work on bringing the Lord into those conversations. It’s a learning process. I really pray that the Lord will perfect me to testify of my enjoyment of Christ more, so that in the midst of conversations of naps and potty training, people would not just see another stay at home mom, but one who is a witness of the living Christ.

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