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Whoa, it’s March? How did that happen? It can’t be possible that we’re already three months into the new year! Back in January I designated March as a time that I would check in with how my flight plan for this new year is coming along. (By the way, thanks to all of you who commented on that post with encouraging words!  It makes me realize that I’m not flying solo!) Anyways, as a way to keep myself accountable, I’ll share with you all how I’m doing so far.

Speak more kindly to my family

This one’s still a work in progress, but I must say that being more conscious of how I speak to my husband and children has made a marked difference in the atmosphere in our home. There has definitely been less yelling on my part. It has also engendered some good conversations between CC and me about how we should speak to one another. Sometimes he’ll remind me to say please or tell me he doesn’t like my tone (oh these kids!). The shouting matches of old have now become more like spirited debates, so that’s a good thing.

Learn how to study the word

So far I’ve been pretty consistent with my two Life-study messages a week. I’ve designated Tuesday and Thursday afternoons when Turner’s napping as my “study time.” I actually really look forward to that one quiet hour when I can sit down with a cup of tea and my Bible. I’ve definitely felt more spiritually supplied this year as a result of these weekly tea times with God.


Make plans to travel

Larry and I had big plans to go to Europe in May, but after talking it over we’ve decided that trip might have to wait until the summer of next year. So I’ll be putting that in my flight plan for 2016. That doesn’t mean we won’t be doing any traveling this year though. In a few weeks our family will be embarking on a grand road trip to Phoenix, AZ with a whole bunch of college students. And this summer my in-laws are spoiling the boys (and us) with a Disney cruise to Alaska! We’ll leave from Vancouver, so the new passports we got for the boys for our Europe trip will come in handy after all.

Start a regular neighborhood children’s meeting in our home

This one has been the most challenging item for me this year, but also the one I feel like God has blessed the most so far. I started a time with my boys once a week on Wednesday afternoons. We sing some songs, I’ll tell a short Bible story or character lesson, and then a simple craft. A friend o f mine started coming with her toddler son, and even though he was a little young to understand everything, it was nice to have more people come. CC started asking me why more kids didn’t come and so I started to pray with him at night about it. We’d pray for the Lord to bring his friends (and for his mom to have the boldness to invite them). After a couple months of it just being the three boys, I started to get a little discouraged, but a sister who had already established a meeting like this in her home just encouraged me to keep going. Two weeks ago I happened to bump into the mom of one of CC’s classmates when I went to pick him up at school and she and her son and baby daughter ended up all coming over to our place for an impromptu play date. We talked over tea and I told her about this weekly time I have with the kids and asked if her son would like to come and she said yes! So for the last two weeks I’ve been picking CC and his friend up at school and bringing them back here to have our children’s meeting. I still need a lot of help in learning how to get rowdy boys to sing and listen, but at least they all seem to enjoy the time. My faith was strengthened when I prayed with my son last night and he said, “Thank you Lord for answering our prayer and bringing Jakob to children’s meeting!”


photo 2

Speak the gospel to at least one person

This hasn’t quite happened yet…but I’m learning to just speak to people. The other day I struck up a conversation with a woman behind me in line at the grocery store, who also happened to be a stay-at-home mom. I ended up giving her a ride home because she didn’t have a car and we found out we had a lot in common. Anyways, I’m learning to step out of my shell and open my mouth more. Although I haven’t spoken the gospel ‘per se’ to anyone yet, I feel like there has definitely been opportunities when I’ve been able to speak my enjoyment of the Lord to others. The year is far from over, so I’ll still be praying for this.

How’s your flight plan for this year going so far?


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My Flight Plan for 2015

I know it’s a little late for a new year’s post, but here goes anyway.

A few days before the end of the year I was lamenting to Larry in the car how I didn’t feel like I accomplished anything in the past year. Yes, it was a busy year for us and there were plenty of things that we did, but looking back I just didn’t feel like there was much progress or growth with me personally. He reminded me that our growth in life is in the realm of faith and often not that noticeable and that being self-introspective will just lead me down a path to nowhere, which is all very true. So instead of introspecting, I’ve been trying to do more reflecting about 2014. I realized that much of the reason I felt like I didn’t accomplish much was because I hadn’t set clear goals (or I might have set goals but neglected to write them down, so they were forgotten by March).

Larry related to me a story yesterday that he had heard from someone else about two pilots of a commercial airline. They were in the plane, ready to go except for the fact that they had no flight plan. So they decided to take off anyway and wing it (no pun intended) and somehow figure it out when they were in the air. After 20 minutes in the air, they realized how ridiculous that idea was and turned back around to land. That’s kind of how I feel at the beginning of this year. I’ve gotten pretty good at maintenance, making sure fuel is filled and all systems are a go, but I don’t know where I’m going or even where I want to go. So instead of flying around aimlessly for another year just enjoying the ride, I think I’m going to turn around and land. It’s the 5th of January, CC is back in school and Larry is back at work. Turner is playing at a friend’s house. Today seemed like a perfect time for me to take a little pit stop and make myself a flight plan for this coming year.

I won’t share all my goals with you, but I will share some in the hopes that it’ll make me more accountable. Some are personal goals and some are related to our family. For those of you out there who actually read my posts, feel free to check up on me mid-year (or next week!). The more encouragement I can get, the better. Here goes some of my goals for 2015, in no particular order:

Speak more kindly to my family

Ok, confession time. I never thought I would be a yeller, but I am. I would never yell at my kids in public (because I’m too worried about what other people will think of me), but at home, when no one’s around, I yell. And I nag. Now I’m starting to reap the fruit of all that yelling and it’s not pretty. I see how my boys get into each other’s faces when they’re mad, screaming ugly words at one another and the truth starts to hit home. That’s exactly what mama does when she gets angry. Maybe I don’t say ugly words to them, but the tone, the facial expressions, the attitude is ugly. So I’m going to do my best to work on this – to speak kindly, politely, not in anger. I want to model to my kids what it means to “let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt” (Colossians 4:6).

Learn how to study the word

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’ve been trying to work my way through the Life-study of the Bible. Last year I finished the Life-study of Genesis and started the Life-study of Exodus. Even though it has been good, I realized most of the time I read it very superficially just to get through without much retention. So this year I want to try slowing down a bit and just read two messages a week. And instead of reading it on my ipad while lying in bed half asleep, I’d like to dedicate some time in my schedule to sit down and really study what I’m reading. Hopefully by doing this, my Truth Tuesday posts will become more consistent.

Make plans to travel

As Larry and I reviewed the past year, both of us agreed that our trip to the east coast was one of the most memorable things for 2014. So this year we’d like to make time for another family adventure, maybe this time not just across the country, but across the ocean. It has long been our dream to go to Europe together. Any tips on traveling in Europe with small children would be much appreciated.

Start a regular neighborhood children’s meeting in our home

I’ve been considering this and praying about this for awhile and I feel like this year I just need to go ahead and try it. I realized that outside of the two hours on Sunday morning, my kids don’t really get much directed moral education. We have so many meetings in our home – prayer meetings, Bible studies, small group meetings – this year, I’d like my kids to have a meeting that’s just for them and that they can invite their friends to. I’m not sure what we’ll do in this time, probably just some simple Bible stories, lessons on character, singing, and crafts. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Speak the gospel to at least one person

I’m setting the bar pretty low on this one because it’s something that’s always been a struggle for me. I so want preaching the gospel to be a normal part of my daily life and not an arduous, burdensome, insurmountable thing. I know there’s a particular joy in flowing the Lord out to people and I don’t want to miss out on that joy this year.

These are just some of my goals for this year. Even if the flight plan needs to be altered here and there as we go along, at least I feel like I kind of know where I’m going.

What are some of your goals for 2015? Whatever your flight plan for this year is, happy flying!

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Summer is quickly drawing to a close (sniff, sniff), and once again we must prepare ourselves for another school year. The days of summer in Berkeley with its ample parking and relatively quiet nights will soon be gone and replaced with crowded streets and loud college students roaming the neighborhoods in the wee hours of the night. Sigh. I suppose I should be excited since that’s why we’re here living by the campus, to gain students for the Lord. But I must confess a part of me is reluctant to part with the relaxing quiet days, and a bit saddened to bid adieu to the students who have graduated and left and make room in my heart and home for yet another new incoming class.

I suppose I should give you all an update on how I have done with my summer goals now that fall is upon us:

1) The cherry tomato plant is thriving. I currently count 18 green tomatoes of various sizes, have not harvested any yet.

2) Holding teaser in pilates will definitely take longer than a summer. I guess it would also help if I actually did my video more than once a month.

3) Get through the cleaning list? Yeah right, who was I kidding?

4) I think I might have enjoyed the Lord more… not sure about the speaking part though. This will be a life long goal, not just for a summer.

5) Currently on Message forty something of the Life-Study of Isaiah.

6) Still crocheting the first baby blanket. Three more to go!

7) CC can do the baby signs for “more,” and “milk.” Not sure if he actually knows what they mean though.

8 ) Have definitely played with CC more. Check!

9) We’ve taken CC to Habitot, Knottsberry Farm, the beach, swim classes, the zoo, and of course to the park every week. He loves to swing!

10) If blogging on a more regular basis means at least once a month, then I guess I’ve accomplished that.

11) Study? What’s that?

12) Been to Ici two or three times, without enduring any crazy long lines.

13) Read a few good books, though some were baby-related. Thanks Amy for the good recommendations. My Life in France was a delicious read and Nurture Shock was definitely interesting and thought provoking.

14) I don’t know if I’ve made any new friends this summer. I always meet other moms when I go to the library and the park, but none seemed to have gone into the friendship phase.

15) Thanks to facebook, it’s a lot easier to keep in touch with old friends now.

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Today is Day three of me and CC holding down the home front. Larry left for a 5-day training on Sunday and won’t be back until Friday. Since Larry and I tag team a lot when it comes to taking care of CC, I was envisioning a week of chaos, exhaustion, and not getting too much stuff done. Surprisingly, the opposite has been true so far. CC has been unbelievably good and cooperative. He’s been going down for naps and at bedtime without too much fuss and according to schedule. And he’s developed a voracious appetite. I’ve recently introduced yogurt and fish into his diet (not together of course, gross!) and he loves both. I can finally start cooking fish in this house again and actually have someone to eat it with me!

Not only has CC surprised me, but I’ve surprised myself by being unusually productive this week. With no husband around to distract me or cook for, I’ve actually been able to check things off my to do list at the end of the day. What’s the secret? Use the ergo baby carrier when I need to get things done and CC won’t play by himself on the floor. Since I’ve been so productive, here’s a little update on how my summer goals are going:

– My 2nd cherry tomato plant is alive and well and growing at an exponential rate. I think the new potting soil did the trick.

– I’m still working on holding teaser (now I know why they call it teaser).

– Currently on Message 5 of the Life-study of Isaiah and just finished listening to all the radio broadcast programs for it. What a rich Christ is unveiled in this book!

– Larry and I finally made it to Ici last week! We went on a day when there was actually no line. Ice cream is pretty good, very light and not too sweet, so you know they probably use all natural ingredients to sweeten. The best part was the cone – a crepe with a big piece of chocolate on the bottom so ice cream doesn’t leak out the tip. Supposedly the flavors change weekly, so I’ll definitely be back. Larry and I both agreed, however, that even though the ice cream’s good, it’s not that good that we would wait in line for 15 minutes.

– Accomplished 1.5 items on my cleaning list.

Hopefully the second half of the week will go as smoothly as the first half. I’m glad that I’ve proved to myself that I can handle being home alone with the baby. Can I do it for more than a week? Probably not, and I definitely wouldn’t want to. I would trade in my productiveness for a distracting husband at home in a heartbeat!

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Now that the weather is getting warmer, it’s finally starting to dawn on me that it’s SUMMER! Summer means flip-flops, tank tops, ice cream, limeades, and fun, fun, fun! I can’t wait for CC to experience his first summer.

For the last few years our summers have been filled with non-stop travel. Between trainings, reunions, college trainings, and our personal vacations, we were lucky if we got to spend two consecutive weeks at home. That was, however, in the B.C. era (before Christopher). This year, Larry’s schedule is packed with traveling as usual, but I, on the other hand, will be holding down the home front with CC. The only traveling scheduled for us so far will be to Lake Tahoe for three days (can’t wait!) and to So Cal for the summer training.

Since I’ll be spending a couple of weeks home alone with the baby this summer, I’ve decided that I had better come up with some projects for myself so that I’m not sitting home pining away for my husband. Here’s a list of my summer goals, in no particular order:

1) Successfully grow a cherry tomato plant (I’m on my second attempt)
2) Be able to hold the teaser position in Pilates (this might take longer than a summer)
3) Get through the cleaning list mentioned in my previous post
4) Enjoy the Lord and speak the Lord more
5) Read through the Life-study of Isaiah
6) Crochet some more baby blankets (for all the babies due this coming fall!)
7) Learn and teach CC baby signs
8 ) Play with CC more
9) Take CC to cool places
10) Blog on a more regular basis
11) Study NT Greek again
12) Get ice cream at Ici (even if it means waiting in the crazy long line)
13) Read some non-baby related books (let me know if you have any good recommendations)
14) Make new friends
15) Keep in touch with old friends

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