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I’m sure you all have noticed the term “wardrobe capsules” being thrown around in social media lately. It’s a movement that is quickly gaining momentum. For the uninitiated, it’s basically paring down your wardrobe to a small limited number of versatile items and working with that for a whole season (meaning not shopping). I was skeptical at first. You all know where I stand when it comes to the state of my wardrobe. But I thought I’d give it a try and now…I’m a wardrobe capsule convert.

One post I read advised that you have to begin by taking EVERYTHING out of your closet and then only put back in what you love. So that’s where I started.

photo 1

After going through every piece, only one-third of what was in the closet made it back in. I moved some winter coats to the closet in the kids’ room and everything else got put in boxes for Goodwill. Now I had a closet that was two-thirds empty.

Next, I attacked my dresser drawers. Same thing as with the closet, everything got pulled out and was carefully scrutinized. All shirts I wanted to keep got hung up in the closet. I fit all my undergarments, pajamas, and work out clothes in one drawer and pants and shorts in another, freeing up a whole drawer for my husband to use. Now this is what my closet looks like.

 photo 2

I thought that after getting rid of all the stuff I didn’t love, I’d have to go shopping to actually build my capsule. But in the clearing out process, I happily discovered clothes I forgot I’d had, crammed in the back of the closet, buried in the bottom of my drawers. So it was kind of like going shopping in my own closet. Now all the clothes I would actually wear are all out in plain view, which makes getting dressed in the mornings so much easier and faster.

Finally…a fashion trend that has actually made my life easier and that didn’t even cost me a cent. Wish all fashion trends were like that.


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About a month ago I went through a little bit of a wardrobe crisis and put out an impassioned plea for help. I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from friends. Some offered to take me shopping or babysit so I could go shopping, some gave me their hand-me-downs (which I have no problems taking), and one friend went out and actually bought me a pair of pants. Anyways, I am quite touched to say the least that you all care so much about making sure I don’t feel and look frumpy.

All your support has motivated me to purge my closet. It felt so good to finally get rid of clothes I’ve been hanging on to for years, but never wear. It has also encouraged me to do something I’ve always wanted to try – Stitch Fix. In case you don’t know what Stitch Fix is, it’s basically like having your own fashion consultant and it’s awesome and so much fun! Almost every mommy blog I read has a review of Stitch Fix. How exactly does it work? After you create an account and fill out a fashion profile, you can schedule to have a stylist pick out five random articles of clothing which gets mailed to you. You have three days to try out the clothes, decide what you want to keep, and mail the rest back in a postage paid bag which they provide. Each time you schedule a “fix,” you pay a $20 “styling fee” which gets deducted from the price of any clothes you end up keeping. Shopping can’t get any easier.

So why haven’t I done it before? It’s because I have a strange habit of buying only clothes that are on sale. When I go to a store, I ignore all the nice displays in the front and head straight to the back where the clearance racks are. For me to feel justified about buying anything, it has to be marked down not once, but twice. And let’s just say, Stitch Fix clothes are not sale prices. But I finally decided it was time to go against every frugal fiber in my body and just give it a try…because it’s really not fun anymore to comb through bargain racks with two kids in tow.

So last week I received my first Stitch Fix box in the mail and this is what I got:

20131123-155521.jpgStriped long sleeve shirt. I wasn’t too crazy about this one. A little too boxy and stripy so it went back.

20131123-155306.jpgBlouse with studs. I liked the style and color…but the studs, not so much. Plus, it needs to be hand washed, so it went back too.

20131123-154949.jpgCharcoal skinny jeans. I’m a latecomer to the whole skinny jeans bandwagon because they remind me of junior high (because the last time I wore them was in junior high). When I first saw these jeans, my first thought was way too tight and way too long. But after trying them on, I actually really liked them. They were super comfortable and scrunched up nicely. But hubby thought they were too tight (ok, I did have to peel them off) and it was a little pricier than I’m used to paying for jeans…so they went back.

20131123-155745.jpgGrey blazer. Loved this! I tried this on with a whole bunch of different outfits and it matched with everything. I like how I can wear it casually or dressed up. It’s actually cotton/spandex material so it’s machine washable! This one was a keeper!

20131123-154531.jpgCharm necklace. I’m normally not big on jewelry, but I can totally see myself wearing this necklace. Not too overstated, but just enough bling to jazz up an outfit. Decided to keep this one too!

So overall, it was a fun experience but I can probably afford to do it only once in a while. The pieces also come with suggestions on what you can wear it with, so at least now I kind of know what to look for when I’m shopping. If you need a fun refresh for your wardrobe, I think Stitch Fix is worth trying at least once. And…oh…if you do decide you want to try it…can you please use my referral link? Shameless plug, I know, but the $25 credit from the referral would definitely contribute to the “Help Sophia look less frumpy fund.” Thanks!

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