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Whoa, it’s March? How did that happen? It can’t be possible that we’re already three months into the new year! Back in January I designated March as a time that I would check in with how my flight plan for this new year is coming along. (By the way, thanks to all of you who commented on that post with encouraging words!  It makes me realize that I’m not flying solo!) Anyways, as a way to keep myself accountable, I’ll share with you all how I’m doing so far.

Speak more kindly to my family

This one’s still a work in progress, but I must say that being more conscious of how I speak to my husband and children has made a marked difference in the atmosphere in our home. There has definitely been less yelling on my part. It has also engendered some good conversations between CC and me about how we should speak to one another. Sometimes he’ll remind me to say please or tell me he doesn’t like my tone (oh these kids!). The shouting matches of old have now become more like spirited debates, so that’s a good thing.

Learn how to study the word

So far I’ve been pretty consistent with my two Life-study messages a week. I’ve designated Tuesday and Thursday afternoons when Turner’s napping as my “study time.” I actually really look forward to that one quiet hour when I can sit down with a cup of tea and my Bible. I’ve definitely felt more spiritually supplied this year as a result of these weekly tea times with God.


Make plans to travel

Larry and I had big plans to go to Europe in May, but after talking it over we’ve decided that trip might have to wait until the summer of next year. So I’ll be putting that in my flight plan for 2016. That doesn’t mean we won’t be doing any traveling this year though. In a few weeks our family will be embarking on a grand road trip to Phoenix, AZ with a whole bunch of college students. And this summer my in-laws are spoiling the boys (and us) with a Disney cruise to Alaska! We’ll leave from Vancouver, so the new passports we got for the boys for our Europe trip will come in handy after all.

Start a regular neighborhood children’s meeting in our home

This one has been the most challenging item for me this year, but also the one I feel like God has blessed the most so far. I started a time with my boys once a week on Wednesday afternoons. We sing some songs, I’ll tell a short Bible story or character lesson, and then a simple craft. A friend o f mine started coming with her toddler son, and even though he was a little young to understand everything, it was nice to have more people come. CC started asking me why more kids didn’t come and so I started to pray with him at night about it. We’d pray for the Lord to bring his friends (and for his mom to have the boldness to invite them). After a couple months of it just being the three boys, I started to get a little discouraged, but a sister who had already established a meeting like this in her home just encouraged me to keep going. Two weeks ago I happened to bump into the mom of one of CC’s classmates when I went to pick him up at school and she and her son and baby daughter ended up all coming over to our place for an impromptu play date. We talked over tea and I told her about this weekly time I have with the kids and asked if her son would like to come and she said yes! So for the last two weeks I’ve been picking CC and his friend up at school and bringing them back here to have our children’s meeting. I still need a lot of help in learning how to get rowdy boys to sing and listen, but at least they all seem to enjoy the time. My faith was strengthened when I prayed with my son last night and he said, “Thank you Lord for answering our prayer and bringing Jakob to children’s meeting!”


photo 2

Speak the gospel to at least one person

This hasn’t quite happened yet…but I’m learning to just speak to people. The other day I struck up a conversation with a woman behind me in line at the grocery store, who also happened to be a stay-at-home mom. I ended up giving her a ride home because she didn’t have a car and we found out we had a lot in common. Anyways, I’m learning to step out of my shell and open my mouth more. Although I haven’t spoken the gospel ‘per se’ to anyone yet, I feel like there has definitely been opportunities when I’ve been able to speak my enjoyment of the Lord to others. The year is far from over, so I’ll still be praying for this.

How’s your flight plan for this year going so far?


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The prompt for this week is…



A while ago in our Bible study of the book of Luke we had covered the story of the woman who was bent double. This poor woman was literally doubled over for eighteen years and could only see the ground in front of her. The Lord came and laid hands on her and released her from her infirmity and the result was that she was able to stand erect and glorify God. I think I suffer from being bent double a lot. Spiritually speaking, most of the time all I see is my ugly feet and the little plot of ground in front of me. I don’t see the people around me or the Lord, just my own poor wretched condition.

There’s no indication in the verses that the woman asked for healing. She was probably so bent double that she didn’t even see the Lord. But he had compassion on her and caused her to stand erect. What a mercy that the Lord doesn’t leave us in our bent double condition and heals us even when we don’t ask. I think I experienced that a little this week. I spent a whole day wallowing in self pity, focused on the piece of earth in front of me, and lamenting my pitiful situation. Then somehow the Lord came and touched me and caused me to stand and look at the heavens. He reminded me to set my mind on the things above and not on the things on the earth. The view of the things above is so much nicer than my ugly feet.


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Prompt for this Five Minute Friday is



“Come to Me all who toil and are burdened, and I will give you rest” (Matt. 11:28). Most Christians love this verse. I’m sure it’s framed and hung up in many a home. Isn’t it sweet that God cares for our rest? When we’re weary from all our toils and burdens, we just have to come to Him and He will make us lie down by the waters of rest. Yet I never really paid attention to the verses right after that until recently. “Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me for I am meek and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” What? I thought after I came to the Lord, He would say, “Take a week vacation from the kids and just go veg at the beach with your husband.” But take My yoke? That doesn’t sound too relaxing…isn’t a yoke for working oxen?

But I have to admit that is often my experience. Real rest for my soul doesn’t come from lying on the beach doing nothing (although that is needed once in a while). It comes from me learning from the Lord to do the Father’s will, whatever that may be. Yesterday I was tired, weary, wallowing in self pity because this will be the third weekend in a row that my husband has to be out of town leaving me home with two kids. I complained and whined to the Lord (and a little to my husband). I convinced myself that I needed, no deserved really, a vacation right NOW, pouting like my son does when he wants his way. But then that night we had a Bible study in our home. I grudgingly took on His yoke and surprisingly I found it to be easy and light. Sometimes we find rest for our souls in the most unlikely places. For me that day, I found it in opening our home to others. I found it in the Word, in fellowship, in sitting around the table with college students eating brownies and drinking milk. That’s where the Lord gave me rest.


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